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Planning Our First Honeymoon – Getting to the Maldives using Delta SkyMiles

The first thing that was decided when Mrs. Points Honeymooner and I started discussing our honeymoon was that we would be headed to a beach destination. Since I had yet to discover the full potential of miles, we initially restricted our list of candidates to nearby places that were not outrageously expensive such as Puerto Vallarta in Mexico. During the research, however, Mrs. Points Honeymooner mentioned to me that she would really like to go to the Maldives someday. That statement got me interested in understanding how I could use the Delta SkyMiles that we’d accumulated by applying for various American Express credit cards to get to the Maldives.

Thus began a secret investigation into planning a honeymoon to the Maldives – a project that I kept as a surprise for Mrs. Points Honeymooner until everything was in place to make the final bookings.

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