Monthly Archives: November 2012

To the Maldives!

When we were planning our wedding, I remember mentioning to my fiance that my dream destination for a honeymoon was the Maldives- and it had been for quite some time. As he is always eager to fulfill my dreams, it must’ve been difficult for him to initially give me the bad news – there was no way we could afford a trip to the Maldives at this time. The ticket in economy for each person was over $2000, and we had not even considered the cost of hotel and food! So for a while, we were looking at more affordable locations such as Mexico.

Then one day he was extremely happy and excited to tell me that we would be able to go to the Maldives after all! How? Something about redeeming points which I didn’t really understand. But not only were we able to afford a plane ticket, now we were going to be flying business class! Our experience of flying first class until now was confined to sometimes being upgraded during the NY to Seattle flights, depending on availability. So this idea of having a guaranteed business class seat on an international flight seemed far fetched, but I trusted my husband and started to eagerly await the trip!

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