About Us


We’re a recently married couple and are discovering the possibilities of amazing travel experiences using miles and points. Mr. Points Honeymooner will bring you the details on how trips are planned, and any tips and tricks that were used to make the trip come together while Mrs. Points Honeymooner will focus on bringing you trip reports and telling you how it was!

Here’s a bit about both of us.

Mr. Points Honeymooner

My discovery of points, miles and their endless possibilities started shortly after I first met Mrs. Points Honeymooner (then Ms. Travels Rarely). Our challenge was that she lived in NYC while I lived in Seattle.

What started out as a plan to see each other every month, quickly evolved into a desire to meet every week. Normally, this sort of frequent self-funded travel would have made a serious dent in savings, but a formidable collection of miles (whose value I was yet to fully discover) meant I was flying almost for free.

Various members of my family (including myself) had been flying for years (for work, vacation or in my case, to visit parents in between semesters at college) and accumulating miles in various frequent flyer accounts. My mom had long been the family’s travel coordinator, keeping track of accounts and wherever possible, trying to keep mileage balances from expiring.

With sufficient mileage for domestic round trip tickets in several of those accounts, I started using those miles for weekend transcontinental trips. The biggest windfall came after my uncle got frustrated trying to redeem his stash of around 160,000 Delta SkyMiles for two round trip tickets from India to the US and gave me a free pass to use them as I needed.

Frequent flying meant that I started wanting to learn how to make the process more comfortable, and I stumbled upon FlyerTalk when trying to find out how to earn Elite status without flying on revenue tickets. I soon learned about the promotion to transfer 50,000 Membership Rewards points into Delta to get 75,000 SkyMiles and 25,000 Medallion Qualification Miles, giving me instant Medallion Silver Status and moving me from the back of the plane into preferred seating. In a happy coincidence, I had already applied for the American Express Platinum card around the time I started flying regularly to New York and already had the 50,000 Membership Rewards points sitting ready to be transferred.

After discovering FlyerTalk, Boarding Area & The Points Guy in quick succession, it became clear to me that there was a strong community of helpful people who were willing give valuable advice for free, and several bloggers who collated that advice into easy to understand posts. My journey into learning about miles & points had truly begun.

Mrs. Points Honeymooner

It didn’t take me long to fall in love with my husband. I guess the cliché of “when it’s meant to be, you just know!” applies to us. Our pre-marital courtship was definitely cut short due to the long distance nature of our relationship. We just didn’t want to be apart from each other for much longer. It was a life changing decision for me to leave my hometown New York City behind and start a new life in the cloudy city of Seattle. Little did I know that my life was also about to take a drastic turn in terms of traveling!

Before I met my prince charming, I had made a few family trips to Asia, lived in Europe for a semester in college, traveled to the Caribbean Islands for vacation, and came to California a few times. I had not even thought about collecting any of these miles! Whenever I walked through the first or business class cabins to the back of the plane to my seat in economy, I always used to think that someday I’ll splurge & buy one first class ticket to somewhere. Even the domestic flight first class seats used to look so comfortable & luxurious- the same ones that I now have grown to think are mediocre. Mr. Honeymooner has managed to spoil me quite a lot within the past year.

When we first started dating, we planned to meet once a month due to the high cost of airfare from NY to Seattle and vice versa. Soon that plan went down the drain as he kept making surprise trips to NY or finding great deals for me to fly to Seattle. This was the start of his interest in flying using miles (I still don’t understand much about it). Since then he has just gotten better and smarter about planning awesome vacations. Whenever I thank him for these vacations, he reminds me that he was never interested in coming to these places before he met me and that the only reason he became so points-savvy was because he fell in love with me.

Inspired by the “Never get too busy making a living that you forget to make a life” philosophy, we decided that we’d work hard but strive to become the perpetually honeymooning couple. In order to keep this promise to each other, we keep planning one trip after another and hope to continue to visit all the romantic destinations of the world!


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